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How to Protect Your Social Media Accounts from Hackers

In this article we will discuss 5 ways you can keep you account safe from hackers. Taking even the most basic security steps makes it far less likely hackers will make the effort to break in. These steps should help you keep prevent or at the very least minimize the chances of your social media accounts getting hacked. 

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Who is a Social Media Hacker?

The term hacker has always been a divisive one, sometimes being used as a term of admiration for individuals who exhibit a high degree of skill and creativity in their approach to technical problems relating to the technology. However, the term is also commonly used to describe individuals who use this skill for illegal or unethical purposes.

Who then is a Social Media hacker?

A social media hacker is an individual who uses computer, networking or other skills to gain unauthorized access into social media accounts, often deploying tools such as Mobile networks, laptops, wireless and non wireless signals. The latter may also refer to anyone who uses their abilities to gain unauthorized access to systems or networks in order to commit crimes.

A hacker may, for example, steal information to hurt people via identity theft or bring down a system and, often, hold it hostage in order to collect a ransom.


How Does Social Media Hacking Work?

Hackers use technical skills to exploit cybersecurity defenses. Ethical hackers test for cybersecurity vulnerabilities and may take up hacking as a profession. The end goal is often to gain unauthorized access to computers, networks, computing systems, mobile devices or internet of things systems.

Many professional hackers use their skills to determine security holes in enterprise systems and then advise where companies should boost their security defenses to keep threat actors out. Malicious hackers may steal login credentials, financial information and other types of sensitive information.

A good number of hackers aim to exploit either technical or social weaknesses to breach defenses. Technical weaknesses may include vulnerabilities in software or other exploitable weak spots.

To exploit social weaknesses, hackers may attempt to manipulate social outcomes through false pretenses, such as impersonating a co-worker or other individual to gain financial or login information. Hackers may also use their technical skills to install dangerous malware, steal or destroy data, or disrupt an organization’s services.

Hackers often part take in forums to share ideas. As far as services go most hacking services and marketplaces are often hosted on the dark web which provide an outlet for offering, trading and soliciting illegal hacking services.


5 Ways to Protect Your Social Media Accounts From Hackers

1. Be selective with third-party applications.

When you use a third-party application, such as a social media post scheduler, they will require access to your account. Make sure you are only authorizing legitimate applications to gain access. And be sure to read the details of what exactly you are authorizing the particular application to gain access to.

Some applications will only need minimum permissions, such as the ability to read and post content, so always read the fine print before granting access. It’s a good idea to login to all of your social media accounts and see what applications you are currently allowing to access your profiles.

This resource has links for popular social networks to help you determine what you are authorizing. Revoke access to anything you don’t trust or any applications you currently aren’t using.

2. Use strong passwords

Remembering passwords considered to be “strong” can be a pain in the rear. Even Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, wasn’t too fond of difficult passwords, this let to him being hacked. His Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts were compromised and his password was later revealed to be “Dadada.”

This just goes to show you that the majority of people don’t take their password strength too seriously. Most people think, “It will never happen to me.” Well, it can happen, so make sure you use a password that’s difficult to crack. Tools such as How Secure Is My Password will help you rate your password strength. For example, it says it would take a computer 552 quadrillion years to crack the password “Secure100Password3!”

3. Install antivirus software.

Many internet service providers (ISPs) will provide some form of security protection — you can compare local ISPs to see if there are better options available in your immediate area, or you can install an antivirus program, such as AVG, which does offer a free version. I would suggest going with the pro version, but if you are on a tight budget the free version is definitely better than no protection at all.

If you want to be extra cautious, tools like Vibbi allow you to download and backup all of your images and videos on Instagram; this is especially convenient for brands that spend extra time and money editing custom content.

4. Enable two-factor authentication.

Two-factor authentication confirms a user’s identity by utilizing a combination of two different components, typically the account password and a confirmation code, which is sent to the user via text message or email.

To be honest, anyone not taking advantage of this feature is asking for trouble. It’s worth the extra hassle to ensure that your accounts stay safe. Here are some guides that show you how to enable it on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and Instagram.

5. Move passwords to a management program.

LastPass is is program that remembers all of your passwords, forcing you to only remember one master password. With so many “difficult” to remember passwords, oftentimes you have to end up resetting your password, giving you yet another impossible-to-remember password to add to the mix. You can also sync the service across all of your browsers and devices.

With so many social media accounts to manage, it’s often times laziness that causes us to use weak easy-to-remember passwords.


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